Sometimes children struggle through social studies instruction because they find it boring. All of those things happened so long ago, after all, so how can they be relevant now? However, history is full of exciting and groundbreaking stories that changed the world, and continue to impact it today. Your child deserves to learn about Social Studies in the age-old format of storytelling. For centuries, people have passed down knowledge through tales and myths, and this is the approach that myWorld Social Studies uses. Starting early, you can get your children interested in tales from long ago using the Kindergarten curriculum for homeschooling. This system introduces your child to the thrill that is Social Studies through the lens of stories.

myWorld Social Studies: Kindergarten was designed with educational research and storytelling techniques. Using this system will help you formulate lesson plans that keep your child engaged and invested in the curriculum. The materials are geared toward helping your child create emotional and mental connections with the lessons you teach. You'll be able to use the curriculum's components to discuss the lesson content in an out-of-the-box way.

Using myWorld Social Studies: Kindergarten, you'll set the foundation for your child's knowledge of world and U.S. history, government, citizenship and geography. The Kindergarten edition is the perfect starting point for your child's social studies education. With a plethora of games, activities, stories and videos, myWorld Social Studies: Kindergarten will help your child develop a love for the subject sure to follow him or her throughout his or her education.

When using the myWorld Social Studies: Kindergarten program, you and your child will have access to numerous materials that aid the learning process. For more information on the specific materials included in this curriculum for homeschooling, take a look at the Features and Benefits page.