myWorld Social Studies

1st Grade Homeschool Social Studies

As you teach your child, you want to ensure he or she not only absorbs the information, but enjoys the lesson. You can achieve both using the myWorld Social Studies curriculum for homeschooling. The Grade 1 materials employ exciting storytelling techniques to deliver relevant Social Studies content. History is, after all, made up of a series of narratives.

myWorld Social Studies: Grade 1 was developed using storytelling principles and educational research to ensure your child connects to the lessons on an emotional and intellectual level. As you teach Social Studies, you should notice your child becoming engaged with the information you share. You can use the myWorld Social Studies: Grade 1 materials to craft 12 weeks' worth of homeschool programs.

By the end of the lessons, your child should:

  • Use images (such as drawings, graphs and Venn diagrams) to summarize lessons.
  • Grasp the basics of how governments run.
  • Understand the importance of democracy and what it is as a system of governance.
  • Comprehend the necessity of rules in forming a government.
  • Use maps to locate specific places (such as cities, states, countries, continents and bodies of water).
  • Know the four cardinal directions (i.e., north, south, east and west).
  • Remember important dates in American history, such as July 4.
  • Know a bit of family heritage.

Your child will gain all this knowledge in an exciting and engaging lesson that you create. The myWorld Social Studies: Grade 1 materials will help you craft such instruction. You'll love using the Teacher's Resource Library DVD-ROM, which includes helpful reference materials and tips. Your child is sure to enjoy using the myStory video component, which is complete with engaging short films to watch.

For more information about the myWorld Social Studies: Grade 1 curriculum components, take a look at the Features and Benefits page.