Interactive Science

4th Grade Homeschool Science Curriculum

Science education is the most engaging when it features hands-on lessons, numerous labs and worksheets. For this reason, the Interactive Science: Grade 4 curriculum for homeschooling features those components. By working with this program, you'll ensure your child has access to an exciting learning experience that will help him or her develop a love for the subject.

By the time your child completes this program, he or she should be able to:

  • Use prior knowledge to predict the outcome of an experiment.
  • Use the Scientific Method to conduct experiments.
  • Conduct research using the computer and books. 
  • Understand that energy and fuels we use in our daily lives come from the environment.
  • Design a model of a wave.
  • Observe the ways in which organisms interact with their environments.

You can help your child accomplish these and other Science-related goals by going using Interactive Science: Grade 4 curriculum set.

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