Your child's reading education comes down to a couple of skills: recognizing and understanding the meaning of words, and comprehending the information in the text. You can't teach one aspect of reading without the other. For this reason, you should include a detailed Comprehension curriculum in your child's homeschool program. Modern Curriculum Press (MCP) Comprehension Plus gives you the tools you need to help your child become an efficient and lifelong reader.

This curriculum for homeschooling is designed for children in the elementary school phase of their education. MCP Comprehension Plus: Grade 5 specifically caters to children in the beginner to intermediate level. The content provided in Grade 5 will solidify the information your child already knows, and help him or her develop his or her Comprehension skills.

You can use MCP Comprehension Plus in conjunction with other English/language arts programs, such as Reading (with Reading Street), Spelling (with MCP Spelling Workout) and Phonics (with MCP Plaid Phonics). Doing so will allow you to provide your child with a well-rounded English/language arts education.

Every MCP Comprehension Plus program is structured to help your child reach his or her potential. You may begin the lesson by introducing the new Comprehension concepts, and then provide your child with activities that will solidify that information. This method hones your child's reading skills, allowing him or her to learn through doing.

MCP Comprehension Plus: Grade 5 features these key areas of focus:

  • Pull direct quotes from the text to explain the story's main ideas.
  • Accurately summarize the texts he or she reads.
  • Recognize and identify a story's themes and main idea.
  • Compare events and characters within a genre using examples from the text.

MCP Comprehension Plus: Grade 5 should help you work toward meeting these and other goals during your child's homeschool instruction. For more information on the specific materials included in this homeschool program, visit the Features and Benefits page.