Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar

6th Grade English

As your child transitions to middle school and high school level curriculum, he or she will be ready for an updated and challenging English/language arts curriculum for homeschooling. Upper-grade English/language arts can be broken down into various parts that allow you to focus on certain topics. Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar is the perfect program to help you give your child an in-depth study of English/language arts topics. Throughout the course of this seven-part series, your child will get a strong understanding of both Writing and English Grammar.

The homeschool program starts with Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar: Grade 6, which will begin your child's concentrated study of the topics. The curriculum is divided into three easy-to-follow parts that develop your child's understanding of the subject: Writing, Grammar Usage and Mechanics, and Academic and Workplace Skills.

The Writing chapters give your child the opportunity to put pen to paper, allowing him or her the opportunity to learn through practicing. The Grammar Usage and Mechanics sections build upon basic Grammar rules and help your child incorporate them into Writing. Finally, the Academic and Workplace Skills part of Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar: Grade 6 will develop your child's critical-thinking and test-taking abilities, which he or she will need to use throughout his or her life.

By the time your child completes the Grade 6 curriculum, he or she will be able to:

  • Explain how point of view impacts a story.
  • Write using his or her own stylized voice.
  • Write for short and extended periods of time.
  • Use correct punctuation and capitalization.
  • Put newly learned Grammar rules to use in writing.

Using the materials included in Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar: Grade 6, you can help your child achieve these and other goals.