MCP Comprehension Plus

6th Grade English

The ability to read well requires that your child be able to recognize words and their meaning and comprehend the idea of the text. Of course, comprehension is a skill that must be practiced before it can be mastered. As such, you may include a curriculum in your homeschooling program that addresses Comprehension. Modern Curriculum Press (MCP) Comprehension Plus is designed to help your child become a fluent and competent reader.

MCP Comprehension Plus introduces study and writing skills, vocabulary knowledge and phonics/word concepts to your child. It does this through a structured lesson plan guide. You first teach your child new ideas, then have him or her complete activities that utilize that new information. This format allows your child to put his or her newfound knowledge to use and learn through doing.

You can use MCP Comprehension Plus alongside other curriculum for homeschooling in order to give your child well-rounded English/language arts instruction. For instance, Comprehension pairs well with Reading (with Reading Street), Spelling (with MCP Spelling Workout) and Phonics (with MCP Plaid Phonics).

By the time your child reaches Grade 6, he or she will be ready to tackle more complex Comprehension strategies. MCP Comprehension Plus: Grade 6 is the final installment in the program. As you go through the program, your child can focus on honing these key Comprehension ideas:

  • Contrast and compare numerous accounts of an event, told from different points of view, from a story he or she has read.
  • Articulate the ways in which individual chapters or scenes contribute to a story's main ideas and themes as a whole.
  • Discuss the character and plot development that occurs in a text.
  • Pick out symbolic elements that are presented in a story and their meaning.

MCP Comprehension Plus: Grade 6 can help you design lessons that work toward these and other goals. For more information about the specific materials included in this homeschool program, visit the Features and Benefits page.