Interactive Science

6th Grade Homeschool Science Curriculum

Put your child in the driver’s seat of his or her Science education by using the Interactive Science curriculum for homeschooling. Designed to keep your child invested and interested in the subject, this program offers lessons that are dynamic and hands-on. Rather than simply reading about Science, you and your child will participate in labs and activities that enhance his or her learning experience.

Interactive Science: Grade 6 is a more challenging curriculum than the other Grade levels, as your child has, by now, a strong foundational knowledge of Science Engineering and Technology, Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science. These four Science topics are included in all Interactive Science programs. In fact, Interactive Science is broken down into units that mirrors the four key areas of Science education.

Once you’ve completed Grade 6, your child will be ready to move onto in-depth content geared toward students in the middle grades. The transition from Grade 5 to 6 was seamless, and the move to middle-grade curriculum will be the same. By the time you complete Interactive Science: Grade 6, your child should be able to:

  • Use the Scientific Method to design and conduct an experiment that answers a problem.
  • Use scientific notation to format numbers.
  • Understand the different between quantitative and qualitative observations.
  • Collect data using the appropriate technology, tools and units of measurement.
  • Identify elements and create atomic models using the Periodic Table of the Elements.
  • Locate and identify major functions and parts of the human skeletal and muscular systems.
  • Explain the relationship between plate tectonics and Earth’s geographic features, such as mountains.
  • Restate the water cycle.

You will help your child achieve these and other goals by using the materials in Interactive Science: Grade 6 to develop lesson plans. You can learn more about the specific items included in this curriculum for homeschooling by visiting the Features and Benefits page.

Please note that Savvas creates educational materials for all types of learners. For that reason, when creating a program, we ensure that the material will be accessible to as many students as possible. As such, we create many ancillary products that fit specific situations and meet a variety of needs. While there are many components to each of our overall educational programs, some of these ancillaries do not meet the needs of homeschoolers, others do not make sense in a homeschool environment and some require an expensive technological infrastructure to deploy. The homeschool product configurations, while selected from a larger program, are complete curriculum bundles designed to engage your children and help them thrive while being mindful of your budget. It is important to note that at times there will be resources mentioned throughout our curriculum material descriptions that are not included in your package. However this will not hinder your child's successful completion of the course. Rather, the exclusion of certain materials will make homeschooling more budget-friendly and will ensure your curriculum meets your individual needs.