Prentice Hall Mathematics is a Math curriculum for homechooling that's geared toward middle school-aged children. The content in Course 1 helps you create lesson plans that improve your child's understanding of Math. This program was developed using educational research and contains interactive problems and activities. Furthermore, it naturally follows the enVisionMATH program, ensuring your child's transition from elementary to middle school Mathematics is smooth. 

In middle school, your child will begin working with algebra and geometry, both of which require a solid understanding of foundational math concepts. Prentice Hall Mathematics: Course 1 develops the groundwork for both subjects, helping your child grow in his or her Math abilities. The curriculum provides engaging and interactive activities to keep your child thinking critically about Math. The best part is that the program is dynamic, meaning you control the pace of your homeschooling lessons. Linger on concepts your child is struggling with or move ahead if he or she feels confident. 

As your child works through this curriculum, he or she will begin to understand rational and irrational numbers, patterns, integers, inequalities and equations, among many other important math topics. Using the materials in this program, you'll help your child achieve his or her educational goals.

In fact, by the time your child finishes Course 1, he or she should be able to:

  • Complete algebraic expressions.
  • Use algebraic skills to solve real-world problems (i.e., how long will it take to reach a destination that's 20 miles away if you're moving 60 miles per hour?). 
  • Solve inequalities and equations that have a single variable.
  • Understand the difference and relationship between dependent and independent variables.
  • Recall and use geometric equations for things such as area, surface area and volume.

The materials included in Prentice Hall Mathematics: Course 1 will help your child achieve these and other educational goals. For more information about the items included in this curriculum for homeschooling, visit the Features and Benefits page.