myWorld Social Studies

5th and 6th Grade Homeschool Social Studies

Your child is ready to complete his or her primary homeschool programs, which means you need a challenging Social Studies curriculum. myWorld Social Studies: Grade 5B/6 is the final stage in the myWorld Social Studies series. The curriculum for homeschooling uses the best in educational research and effective storytelling techniques to ensure your child completes his or her primary education with a solid grasp of the subject.

This step in myWorld Social Studies continues right where Grade 5A left off, giving both you and your child a seamless transition from one curriculum to the next. Additionally, the program will set your child up for their secondary educational journey. By the time you reach the conclusion of myWorld Social Studies, your child should be able to:

  • Use a variety of source types (such as first-hand accounts, textbooks, both fiction and nonfiction texts, etc.) to deepen his or her understanding of important historic events.
  • Understand that not all accounts are accurate and discern between a reliable and unreliable narrator.
  • Display understanding of current events by completing assignments and reports on timely topics.
  • Recall the roots of modern civilization, including facts on ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.
  • Understand two sides of world events (such as wars).
  • Recount the development of the American colonies and how they became a nation.
  • Participate in community service events.
  • Understand local, state and national governments, and how they work both independently and together.
The myWorld Social Studies homeschool program aims to help your child become an active, engaged and responsible citizen while simultaneously learning about important historic events. Additionally, your child will understand geography and how it connects to other areas of Social Studies. For more information about the specific items included in myWorld Social Studies: Grade 5B/6, visit the Features and Benefits page.