Building the pre-requisite writing skills for college success and beyond!

Starting at sentence level instruction and progressing to college-level composition, MyWritingLab prescribes an individualized path for every student. Through a personalized study plan that delivers progressive exercises and comprehensive assessments, students move from literal comprehension (Recall) to critical application (Apply) to independent and successful writing (Write) in a self-directed and self-paced online environment!

Student access duration to the MyLab® Homeschool Edition is dependent on the length of time a parent wishes to teach the MyLab course. Access can last a maximum of 18 months.

Please note: MyLab Parent Access Kit for Savvas Homeschool Edition (ISBN: 9780132939317) is required to use this product. You only need to buy the MyLab Parent Access Kit once. If you have already purchased the MyLab Parent Access Kit, you do not need to purchase it again; it will provide parent access for all the MyLab Student products for Homeschool.