Homeschool 8th Grade Curriculum

8th Grade Homeschool

Middle School Homeschool

During the last year of middle school, the primary homeschool lessons should be around preparing your eighth grade child for higher level learning, while reinforcing the skills they have learned in the earlier and middle grades.

Language Arts – Your child should have mastered literacy, comprehension, fluency and spelling in preparation for higher level learning. Add listening and speech activities, report writing, dictionary work and extended vocabulary exercises to their homeschool lessons.

Math – Maintaining skills in fundamental operations is at the top of the list for eighth grade math study. Reinforce their algebra skills by working on sets, factoring, ratio, simple formulas and equations, geometry, scale drawing, probability statistics and the use of computers and calculators.

Science – Some aspects of physics start to emerge in eight grade science. Laws of motion, the atom, the universe and Milky Way join the biology studies of the earth’s composition, the ocean, atmosphere and forces in liquids and gases.

Social Studies – Growth and development of the United States continues to be in the forefront for eighth grade social studies, including the study of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Help your child understand the U.S. as a world power, the meaning of democracy, and our American culture.


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