Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar

10th Grade English

During the beginning of your child's education, he or she likely studied the foundational elements of English/language arts. Depending on what tools you used, your child may have received a more general overview of the topic to lay the groundwork for future learning. Once your child reaches middle and high school curriculum, however, he or she is ready for another kind of English/language arts course.

Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar is a homeschool program geared toward children at the middle and high school levels. This curriculum takes two major components of English/language arts (Writing and Grammar) and dives into them. Using this program, you'll help your child become proficient in English/language arts.

Grade 10 is part of your child’s high school learning experience. This means you'll be able to provide him or her with rigorous lessons that simultaneously strengthen his or her foundational knowledge and teaches him or her new information. The curriculum should help your child work toward these key goals:

  • Maintain cohesion when writing an argument in an essay or research paper.
  • Organize complex ideas in writing by informational concepts.
  • Use carefully selected vocabulary.
  • Complete essays that feature clean copy (few to no grammar errors).  

The Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar: Grade 10 curriculum is broken down into three chapters: Writing, Grammar Usage and Mechanics, and Academic and Workplace Skills. Each chapter is well organized, allowing you to focus on working one-on-one with your child rather than spend your time piecing together the information. The Writing chapter improves his or her ability to express language and convey ideas. The Grammar Usage and Mechanics portion delves into Grammar rules and sentence construction. Finally, the Academic and Workplace Skills chapter will prepare your child for college and his or her career by teaching critical thinking and test-taking abilities.