Prentice Hall Mathematics: Algebra Readiness

By the time your child reaches middle school Math, he or she should have a foundational knowledge of the subject. Now it's time to move onto pre-Algebra education. This more challenging topic may seem daunting, but with the help of Prentice Hall Mathematics, it doesn't have to be. This curriculum for homeschooling naturally follows the primary Math program, enVisionMATH. Each Course of Prentice Hall Mathematics feels like the natural next step in your child's Math education.

When you use the Prentice Hall Mathematics program, you have four options: Course 1, 2 and 3, and Algebra Readiness. The final installment will round out your child's pre-Algebra knowledge, when needed, provide a smooth transition between Courses and help him or her fully grasp the subject. The curriculum for homeschooling covers algebraic expressions and integers, linear functions, one-step equations and inequalities, and area and volume.

Prentice Hall Mathematics: Algebra Readiness is designed to help your child ease into the next level of Algebra. First, you'll introduce the concept, which your child can follow along with using Math problems. Next your child will have to apply the new ideas he or she has learned. Finally, your child will use the information beyond simple problem solving, tackling accelerated Math concepts.

This program is designed to help your child focus on these key areas:

  • Use algebra concepts to solve complex word problems.
  • Recognize and understand square root and root symbols.
  • Explain why a certain equation is the correct one to solve a problem.
  • Use proper equations to solve real-world problems.
  • Calculate area and volume of a shape.

Using the materials in Prentice Hall Mathematics: Algebra Readiness, you'll be able to guide your child through the curriculum. The problems included in the program keep your child engaged and learning, and the teacher materials keep you up to date on your lessons. For more information on the materials included in Prentice Hall Mathematics: Algebra Readiness, visit the Features and Benefits page.