As your child enters middle school age, he or she will face more challenging Mathematics concepts, such as algebra. Your child should approach the subject having some foundational knowledge and a healthy dose of confidence. You can give both to your child by using the Prentice Hall Mathematics curriculum for homeschooling. This program provides your child with the knowledge he or she needs to ensure that difficult topics aren't completely foreign. Prentice Hall Mathematics is the middle grades follow-up to the enVision Math primary homeschool program.

Each Course in Prentice Hall Mathematics helps your child further understand important Math concepts and introduces new ideas. Course 3 is the next step in your child's middle school Math education, as it provides more advanced concepts. You can use Prentice Hall Mathematics: Grade 3 to focus on developing these key skills:

  • Use rational coefficients when working with properties such adding, subtracting and factoring.
  • Use inequalities and equations to solve real-world problems.
  • Solve word problems involving geometric shapes.
  • Draw geometric shapes that have given conditions, such as a certain set of angles.

The materials included in this homeschool program will guide you as you create unique and engaging lesson plans that meet these and other goals. In fact, your child may even enjoy learning about the subject.

Not only will your child develop a strong understanding of pre-algebra, he or she will also improve important additional skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking. With these abilities in hand, your child will not only conquer Math, but other subjects he or she will encounter in the future as well.

You can set the pace of your child's learning with Prentice Hall Mathematics: Course 3. The dynamic program is flexible, allowing you to slow down or speed up as needed. The materials included in this homeschool program are designed to make the teaching journey a simple and exciting one. For more information on the items included in Prentice Hall Mathematics: Course 3, visit the Features and Benefits page.