Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar

12th Grade English

Through each progressive year of your child's homeschooling journey, he or she should be able to focus more on challenging material. While you probably taught a broad English/language arts curriculum while your child was in the elementary school years, you may now want to delve into specific, mechanics-based topics.

Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar allows you to give your child a deep look at English/language arts. This curriculum for homeschooling is designed for middle and high school-aged children.

Every Grade of Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar is broken into three chapters: Writing, Grammar Usage and Mechanics, and Academic and Workplace Skills. The first improves your child's ability to elegantly and logically express ideas and make arguments in written form. The Grammar Usage and Mechanics chapter develops your child's understanding of sentence structure and construction. The final chapter helps your child prepare for life after homeschool by instilling critical-thinking and test-taking abilities in him or her.

Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar: Grade 12 is the final installment in the seven-part program. By this time, your child will be ready to tackle advanced concepts and ideas. You can help your child focus on these and other goals using the Grade 12 curriculum:

  • Devote large amounts of time focusing on writing a research paper or essay.
  • Use relevant evidence to write a fluid piece of writing.
  • Discover and correct Grammar errors in his or her own writing, and the writing of others.

This program is dynamic, meaning you can work at your own pace. Push forward through material your child understands well and linger on topics he or she needs to study at length. Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar will provide you with the control you want as a homeschool parent.