10th Grade Homeschool Programs

Tenth grade finds your sophomore reinforcing and honing the skills they learned in the ninth grade. Critical listening and speaking skills are further developed and students commonly use deductive reasoning to solve problems in our tenth grade homeschool curriculum.

Language Arts – Literature presents an opportunity to further your child’s study of heritage and folklore. Give them exposure to poetry, persuasion, public speaking and grammar, while teaching them techniques for writing. Your student should be able to interpret and analyze spoken messages and written text.  

Math – Mathematics skills are essential to the pursuit and understanding of technology. Your child will demonstrate inductive and deductive reasoning, the nature of proof, measurement and problem solving with geometry in the tenth grade.

Science – Exploration never ends, and the scientist within your child will be fascinated with continued biological studies, including history of plants and animals, microscopic life, simple organisms, mammals and birds. To help them develop good health habits, get them started with the study of nutrition and digestion.

Social Studies – The ideals of democracy do not exist without a price. In tenth grade, your child will learn about the world wars, the cold war, the Vietnam war and the search for peace. The rise and fall of Communism and the effects of the collapse of the Soviet Union will help them understand world interdependence.


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