11th Grade Homeschool Program

It’s almost time to think about graduation and moving ahead to college-level courses. Your child will likely have aspirations for their future, and in eleventh grade you can concentrate on their favorite topics while making sure they have mastered the basics in  the essential skills.

Language Arts – If your child has mastered literacy skills, the world of information is at their feet.  Give your child insight into mass communication techniques, effective communication, listening skills, story and editorial writing and critical and evaluative reading to prepare them for the future..

Math – In addition to advancing Algebraic skills, your eleventh grader is ready to tackle trigonometry. Relations and functions are always important to understand, approximation skills will help them do quick analysis and properties of trigonomic functions prepare them for college level mathematics.

Science – In addition to biological and astronomical studies, chemistry is generally introduced in eleventh grade. The study of matter, formulas, chemical equations, acids, water, spontaneous reactions and energy forms will bring chemistry to life.

Social Studies – As they explore their post-secondary school options, compare it to the history of how our nation was born and developed. Your child will understand economic systems and historical events and be able to apply critical-thinking skills in describing potential impacts of societal actions. As your child becomes familiar with personalities and the actions of others help them understand and cope with studies in psychology, urbanization, public education and civil rights.


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