12th Grade Homeschool Program

At last, your child is ready to graduate from high school and prepare for their chosen course of study at the college level.  They have accomplished a great deal, and you have taught them the skills they need to successfully complete their higher-level degree program.

Language Arts – In their final year of secondary instruction, you child may enjoy a departure from the previous years’ curriculum and take in the theater arts – techniques of acting and film as an art form. They will be able to read, listen to and enjoy literature, radio, television, periodicals and classic literature.

Math – As preparation for college secure your child’s skills in algebra, geometry, calculus, probability and statistics and trigonometry. If you have not already given them exposure to computer science, they may enjoy an introduction to computer literacy and programming.

Science – At graduation, your child now has general knowledge of biology, physics, chemistry and astronomy. They have discovered the joy of exploration to analyze and find answers to their questions. They appreciate the value of light, heat and sound and realize its impact on everyday living.

Social Studies – Your child understands the history of our nation, and has compared the United States with other countries and cultures. Their knowledge of taxation and finance has helped them understand capitalism and commerce and helped prepare them to manage their family economics.


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Social Studies (4 results)