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Common college challenges and how your homeschooler can overcome them

Going from a homeschool program to college is a big step, therefore, there are going to be some road bumps to overcome. Here are a few of the most common issues and a few solutions that will help your daughter have a successful college experience:

No matter how far away your daughter's college may be, it's normal for first-time college students to feel that yearning for home.

The solution: Find a way to keep in touch. Technology makes it so easy to talk to friends and family. Your daughter can use texts, emails and video chat to stay up to date on what's happening at home. It's important for you to encourage her to stay busy at school, which is the best way to ward off that homesick feeling. Have her attend campus events, try out new restaurants, join a study group, etc. She'll quickly feel like she fits in.

Roommate troubles
Roommates are a part of college, and they can be great for companionship. However, this doesn't mean that a roommate won't get on your daughter's nerves at some point.

The solution: Tell your daughter to find a space besides her dorm where she can be alone. Maybe instead of studying in her room, she can head to the library or sit at a table at the local coffee shop. Having that space from time to time is essential for keeping the peace.

Balancing academics with social time
Finding a healthy balance between school and socializing is largely trial and error. Your daughter will eventually figure out how to succeed in both areas of her life, but the first year can be tricky.

The solution: It's important for your daughter to realize her limits. Just because she can take 18 credit hours doesn't mean that she should. Spending time hanging out with friends, exercising and doing extracurricular activities can be just as important as academics.

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