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Dealing with the stress of college applications

When it comes time for your homeschooler to start applying to colleges and universities, it can be exciting to imagine all of the possible opportunities. However, with all of the requirements and deadlines that come along with college applications, it's normal for your son to feel stressed. Here's how to help him control his anxiety and prepare him for college:

Come up with an organizational system
One of the main reasons that college applications can be stressful is that there's so much to keep track of. Often times, your son must include his homeschool transcripts, an essay and various other requirements depending on the university. Help your son come up with a method for organization. For instance, he can create binders for each school that he plans on applying to. This way, he knows exactly where to find certain information when he needs it.

Pay attention to deadlines
Colleges and universities require potential students to send in their applications by a certain date. It can be stressful to work against the clock, which is why getting these applications completed early on is important. Write each application deadline on a calendar so that your son can remember exactly when each is due by and how much time he has remaining to complete each one. This will help keep him on track instead of having to fill out an application at the last minute. Completing these takes lots of time and energy.

Schedule breaks
Just like you scheduled breaks for your son during his homeschool program, you should do the same with the college application process. These applications can be lengthy, and filling them out in one sitting can be exhausting. Keep your son's stress levels at a minimum by arranging for breaks during the application process. This way, he can take a moment to physically and mentally recharge.

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