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Preparing for college early

College preparation doesn't have to start when your homeschooler reaches high school age. In fact, there are a few simple ways to prepare your son for college when he's working through middle school curriculum for homeschooling.

Encourage reading
Reading is a skill that will become even more crucial in college, so it's important that your son develop vocabulary and comprehension skills. Of course, it's even better if he develops a love for reading. Create a home environment that celebrates reading - fill your bookshelves with publications that might interest your son. This way, he may be encouraged to pick up a book instead of sitting down and playing video games.

Explore extracurriculars
Colleges and universities value extracurricular activities - they show that you can balance academic responsibilities with other hobbies and interests. Talk to your son about the types of activities, hobbies or sports that he might be interested in. You can sign him up for a class to see how he likes it. He may find a hobby that he continues to take part in throughout the rest of his homeschool program and college.

Create a study routine
During his college career, your son will have to spend a good amount of time studying for quizzes and exams. Therefore, it's crucial that he know how to properly study. You can create a study routine at home so that he figures out which preparation strategies work and which ones do not. He will carry this habit with him to college when it comes time to take tests.

Develop housework skills
When your son goes off to college, he's going to be responsible for maintaining his own dorm room or apartment. Give your son a few household chores that he has to complete each week, like taking out the trash or doing the dishes. These things will become a habit, much like studying, and help him keep a tidy home in college.

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