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Field trip ideas for when the weather gets chilly

Just because temperatures are starting to drop doesn't mean that you and your son have to complete the curriculum for homeschooling in your living room. There are plenty of educational field trips you and your son can go on during the fall and winter seasons - here are just a few:

Ice skating
When learning about the freezing process and the formation of ice, there's no better place to see the process than inside an ice skating rink or at an outdoor pond. Plus, this offers a fun opportunity for your son to get some exercise and learn something new.

Explore the sun and stars with your son by scheduling a trip to the planetarium. You both won't have to endure chilly temperatures, but you can still learn about the outdoors. Check out your local planetarium and figure out what exhibits it offers so you can properly fit the exhibits into your homeschool program.

Learn about drama and the arts by taking your son to the theater. You can even use your local theater to coordinate with what your son is learning about in his homeschool program. For instance, if you're introducing Shakespeare, go see some of his works performed live on stage. During the holidays, many theaters put on productions of "A Christmas Carol," which is a great introduction for exploring the life and works of Charles Dickens and will help your son get in the holiday spirit.

Pottery studio
There's a big difference between learning about art from a book and actually creating it. Take your son to a ceramics studio where you both can learn about pottery making first-hand and explore the history of ceramics. Plus, your son will have a vase, bowl or plate to take home with him.

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