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How to keep learning after the field trip is over

Field trips offer unique opportunities for learning that your son wouldn't be able to get from a book or a computer screen. But when the field trip ends, the exploring doesn't have to stop as well. Here are a few ways to promote learning in your homeschool program long after the fun experience has come to a close:

Take pictures
Whether you go on a field trip to a museum or an observatory, make sure to take pictures to document the event. This way, when you get home you can create a slideshow of all the photos, and go over them one by one. Discuss what's happening in each image and ask your son questions like what he learned during that moment or which picture was his favorite part of the field trip. Photos keep the learning going even when you're no longer on location.

Head to the library
A field trip is the perfect introduction to a topic, whether it's history, science or art. When you arrive back home, take a trip to the library to explore that particular subject further. You and your son can come up with a list of questions that you would like to know the answer to, and search for the solutions at the library.

Make your own souvenir
You don't have to go to a gift shop in order to get a souvenir from your homeschool field trip. Instead, you and your son can make one together! For instance, if you both went to the zoo, your son can draw a picture of his favorite animal. Hang up his creation to decorate your homeschool classroom with fun memories.

Do a writing activity
Encourage your son to write a letter to a friend or a family member about the best moments of the field trip and what he learned along the way. Writing is a great way to help him retain all of the information he absorbed during the field trip experience.

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