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Staying healthy on field trips

The fall and winter seasons offer opportunities for so many fun field trips with your daughter, from roaming pumpkin patches to volunteering at food shelters during the holidays. However, when cold weather sets in, flu season does too, and public places can be filled with germs. Keep your daughter healthy on your learning excursions for your homeschool program with these tips:

Get a flu shot
Taking your daughter to get a flu shot may not 100 percent prevent her from getting sick, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it's about 62 percent effective and can even shorten the illness if your daughter does happen to fall ill. Always be sure to talk to your child's physician before getting any shots.

Bring along antibacterial hand wipes
Your daughter may not be able to wash her hands at all times of the day during her field trip. Plus, running back and forth to the bathroom can ruin the overall experience. Instead, bring along disinfecting hand wipes your daughter can use before and after she eats, and throughout the rest of the field trip.

Of course when your daughter does go to the bathroom, she should wash her hands for at least 20 seconds, or as long as it takes her to completely sing the "Happy Birthday" song.

Practice healthy habits
It's important for your daughter to get a good night's sleep during any time of the year, but it's especially crucial during flu season to keep her immune system up and running. You should also bring along healthy snacks and plenty of water to keep her hydrated and properly energized during the field trip.

Stay active
Moderate exercise can help optimize your daughter's immune system to keep her healthy during flu season. You can incorporate physical activity into your homeschool program or enroll your daughter in after-school activities to ward off the cold and flu.

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