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Fun family vacations that encourage learning

The reason many families decide to homeschool their children is because of the freedom they have over their education. Kids in a homeschool program don't have to adhere to a traditional classroom environment, and therefore, can learn in a variety of settings on their own time. During winter break, think about taking a vacation with your son to any of these family-focused educational destinations:

The Greenbrier, West Virginia
At this particular location, you and your son can learn about the nation's Cold War strategy by taking a tour of the bunker, which was built between 1958 and 1962. It was specifically designed to protect members of the House of Representatives and the Senate in case of a nuclear attack. Other things to do nearby this historical destination include tennis, horseback riding, fishing, golf, mountain biking and more.

Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Wyoming
Explore the American West at this landmark located in Wyoming. There are a variety of different activities to take part in at this destination. Head to the Draper Museum Raptor Experience located in Braun Garden, and see amazing species of birds, including the peregrine falcon and the golden eagle. There are also field trips at the historical center - school-aged participants can tour the center with a natural history expert to discover the challenges that homesteaders faced when settling in the Big Horn Basin.

The Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois
Take your son to the Windy City, where you both can make your way through the Art Institute of Chicago. There are a number of hands-on exhibits that will help your son explore a variety of educational topics. The museum's exhibits change all the time. For instance, it currently has an exhibit that allows museum visitors to create their own still-life picture. When you're done at the museum, go relax and see a show at the Chicago Theatre.

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