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Field trips to think about for spring

We may still be in the middle of winter, but it's never too early to plan ahead for spring! Exploring different locations in your homeschool program can be a wonderful opportunity for your daughter to learn about topics ranging from math and science to reading and history. Bring along the whole family for any of these spring field trip ideas:

Start a garden
Who said a field trip had to be far away from your home? Pay a visit to your backyard to start a garden with your daughter, or tend to a current one. Take this opportunity to teach your little one about photosynthesis or the different parts of a flower. Choose from a variety of spring blooms to plant, including begonias, daisies, dahlias, geraniums or pansies.

Visit a farmers market
The farmers market isn't just a place to pick out fresh fruits, vegetables and baked goods, it's the perfect way to teach your daughter about how food is grown! Talk to the people running the food stands about how their produce gets from the farm to the market. You can even put together a scavenger hunt for you and your daughter as a fun activity.

Head to a bird sanctuary
When spring is finally in full swing, you and your daughter can hear all of happy birds chirping from the trees outside. While you both can observe a few different species from your kitchen window, there's no better way to learn about birds than by going to a bird sanctuary. Many locations offer guided tours so you and your daughter can discover all the species in your area and see them first hand.

Explore a nature path
Research what nature paths are nearby your home, and plan to spend the afternoon there with your daughter. Bring a bug identification book with you, and your daughter can match the insects she sees on the trail to the ones in the guide. Plus, this is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise!

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