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Prepping your toddler for preschool

Preschool is essential early childhood education for your toddler. This is when your son becomes exposed to things like shapes, colors, numbers and letters. Preschool also provides an opportunity for your son to build confidence, explore, play and gain a sense of self. This early education level can help prepare him for your homeschool program, from kindergarten and beyond. Here are a few ways that you can get him ready for preschool:

Read aloud
When your child reaches the preschool level in your homeschool program, it's important that he develops listening skills so he can properly follow directions. Reading aloud with him will get him used to the idea of listening. Consider choosing interactive storybooks or books that repeat phrases to keep him engaged in the text. As you read, point to pictures and use different voices and inflections to help him maintain his attention span. Set aside a time to read with him every day to start getting him into a schedule.

Make crafts
Crafts aren't just a way for your son to channel his creativity; they're a wonderful opportunity for him to develop the fine-motor skills he will need when he learns to write. Make time in your weekly schedule for craft hour when your son can color pictures, finger paint or build something with popsicle sticks. Choose a different craft every week so he can learn something new.

Create a morning and bedtime routine
Once your son begins his homeschool program, he'll be on a set schedule each day. This schedule helps him know what to expect and gives him a sense of reassurance. Creating a consistent schedule starts with morning and bedtime. Make sure he's getting to bed around the same time every night, and that he's waking up in the morning at the same time as well.

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