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Educational indoor activities for your little one

Oh the weather outside is frightful ... and your little one is starting to get restless. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with enough activities to keep your toddler occupied during the winter months, particularly when you're going a little stir crazy yourself. Fortunately, we have a few early education ideas that will pique your child's interest and keep her busy during those bitterly cold days when going outside simply isn't an option.

Bingo with family photos
Is your family spread out across the country? Help your little one get to the know the faces of those who love her - from grandparents, to aunts and uncles to cousins - by using their photos for a bingo game. Print out their photos and arrange them in a grid pattern. When you say their name, have your little one place a bingo chip on their photo. Once she fills a row, she wins!

Home bowling
Get rid of those plastic bottles that have been piling up by creating a home bowling game for you are your toddler. Set 10 bottles at the end of a long hallway in a bowling pin formation, then use a soft ball as your bowling ball. Your little one will have a blast trying to knock down all the pins!

Fun with play dough
Tactile activities are great for helping your toddler hone her motor fine and gross skills. Make some play dough at home using water, salt, vegetable oil, flour and cornstarch (plus a little food coloring). Then, together, create different shapes and figures using the colorful dough. This can also be a great opportunity to help your child practice the names of colors!

Animal charades
Does your toddler love animals? Help her learn their names by playing a game of charades. Begin by acting out an animal (for example, growling like a tiger) and asking her which animal you are. When she guesses correctly, it's her turn to pretend to be an animal. 

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