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4 mistakes your daughter should avoid when applying to college

Applying to college is a lengthy process that deserves a lot of time, effort and attention. It's important to remember that there a few pitfalls many students make when filling out their applications and considering college in general. The best way for your daughter to avoid these things is to know exactly what mistakes to watch out for:

1. Ruling out a school because of cost
Going to college these days certainly isn't cheap, and it's definitely something that should be thought about when your daughter is applying to schools. However, finances should never be the make or break factor when she's deciding. After all, if the college is going to be better than any other university when setting her up for future success, that's where she should go. There's always financial aid to help you out with payments.

2. Not thinking about her email address
Not many applicants think about their email address when applying to college, but the truth is, it's important. Your daughter's email address should be appropriate and professional to help her get taken seriously by colleges. She shouldn't be using the email address she had when she was 11. Instead, help her create a new one that she can write down on college applications.

3. Forgetting about deadlines
Your daughter could have crafted the perfect application and essay to go with it, but if she doesn't send those items in by the deadline, all that hard work could go down the drain. Schools want applicants who follow directions and remember their responsibilities. Encourage your daughter to write down all of the deadline dates on a calendar or in her phone - whichever way she'll remember best.

4. Relying on statistics
ACT and SAT scores as well as grades from her homeschool program are definitely an important part of your daughter getting accepted to college, but it's not the only element that matters. She should be sure to include any extra curricular involvement or volunteer work she has done that really showcases what kind of a person she is.

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