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What to do on a children's museum field trip

While your kids may groan at the thought of heading to a museum for their next homeschool field trip (having to be quiet for hours and not touch anything is no fun), they'll definitely change their tune when they find out you're going to a children's museum! These facilities are specifically designed to let kids be kids, and their hands-on approach to learning means your homeschoolers will have a blast. Of course, you'll want to tie your visit into your curriculum for homeschooling. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Book a tour
One of the easiest ways to make sure you're getting the most you can out of your trip to the children's museum? Book a tour. If you go on a field trip with your homeschool co-op, you may be able to secure a guided tour. Otherwise, call ahead and ask if they offer any materials that help you take a self-guided one.

Focus on a theme
If you don't want to spend the entire day at the children's museum, consider choosing a theme and sticking to an exhibit or two. For example, focus on your science curriculum one day - interacting with exhibits about physics or weather - and return another day to partake in arts and crafts.

Let them explore
Visiting a children's museum is an amazing opportunity to make learning interactive, so give your children the freedom to run around and explore. In fact, parents often find that this hands-on approach to homeschooling can improve learning outcomes for their children. Plus, it lets your kids exercise both their minds and their bodies.

Ask plenty of questions
Your child will likely have many questions for you as he explores the museum, but feel free to ask him questions as well: What are you learning from this exhibit? What was your favorite part? This will prompt both his curiosity and his imagination.

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