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Is a small college right for your homeschooler?

As your teen nears the end of his homeschool program, it's time for him to start seriously thinking about where he wants to go to college. One of the first big decisions he'll need to make during the search process is whether he would prefer a large or small school. While both have benefits and drawbacks, there are a few key questions you can ask your son to find out if a small college would  be a good fit for him:

Do you know what you want to major in?
If your homeschooler has no idea what he wants his major to be, attending a small university may not be such a good idea. Smaller schools typically have fewer degree options, so if he discovers his sophomore year that he has a passion for something that isn't offered as a major, he may have to transfer. However, if your son already knows what degree he wants to earn, he can tailor his search to small schools that specialize in his field of choice.

Do you enjoy having one-on-one instruction?
One of the great benefits of homeschooling your son is that you are able to give him one-on-one instruction. If he wants that to continue, choosing a small college over a large one is definitely the way to go. Small schools typically have professors, rather than teaching assistants, teach classes; and, advisors will be more attentive. Plus, he won't have to attend lectures with hundreds of people in them, like he might at a large university.

What social opportunities are you looking for?
Small and large universities have very different social opportunities. Smaller schools often have a friendlier vibe, as everyone knows one another and your son will often have classes with people whom he knows. However, if he prefers relative anonymity, a large college may be the way to go.

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