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Strategies for teaching your child the alphabet

One of your first big teaching moments as a homeschooling parent is helping your child learn the alphabet. This may prove to be an especially difficult aspect of your homeschool program, as your little one is completely new to the idea of letters. Some children catch on more quickly than others, but either way, you'll need to employ some creative teaching techniques.

Make reading a part of your daily routine
From the time your daughter is born, you should make reading together a part of your daily routine. From nursery rhymes to ABC books to classic children's stories, showing your little one letters every day will help her get familiar with the alphabet before she even learns the names of all the letters.

Sing the alphabet song
There's a reason we all know the alphabet song - it's an easy way to help children memorize those 26 essential building blocks of the English language. As you sing the song to your daughter (and eventually sing it together), point to each letter of the alphabet as it is vocalized. This will help her associate the sounds you're making with the symbols on the page.

Start with her name
Tackling the entire alphabet at once can be a bit overwhelming - both for you and your daughter. To get started, begin by teaching her the letters in her name. Write them out, use letter tiles, make the letters out of pipe cleaners - anything to keep her interested! It's also a good idea to have her trace the letters with her finger as you say them aloud together.

Show the letters in different materials
The concept of the alphabet can be pretty abstract at first, so make your approach to teaching letters to your daughter as visual as possible. One great way to do that is to construct the letters of the alphabet out of different materials, as this also provides a tactile element that will help her with the memorization process. Think sandpaper, play dough, etc. - the possibilities are endless!

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