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Quick tips for boosting your toddler's cognitive development

As you prepare your little one to begin her homeschool program, you'll need to do everything you can to boost her cognitive development. This may sound like a large undertaking, but there are tons simple things you can do to help your toddler's brain develop. Give these tips a try:

Ask plenty of questions
Nurture your little one's naturally curious nature by asking her plenty of questions (and providing her with the answers if she's unsure). This can mean everything from asking her what a certain noise is (e.g., a meowing cat) to allowing her to pick between different choices (for example, "Would you like to wear your green sweater or your pink one?").

Introduce different textures
You can simultaneously help your toddler improve her cognitive and motor skills by introducing her to many objects with different textures. Sensory activities pique children's interests, so allow her to play with stuffed animals, rattles, pipe cleaners and other craft supplies (once she's a little older). These don't have to be directed activities - the simple act of exploration will give her cognitive abilities a boost.

Help her get organized
One way you can help both your child's cognitive development and your household organization is to have your little one help you clean up her playroom. Create labeled bins for each grouping of items - for example, "stuffed animals," "building blocks," etc. - and ask her where her toys belong as you clean up together. You can introduce labeling in other areas of your house too, such as the kitchen, to help your child learn what different things are called.

Engage your toddler
As you and your toddler go on walks or run errands together, point out the different things you see, as well as their shapes and colors. For example, you could say "Look! Do you see the blue house?" as you pass by your neighbor's front yard. Or, when you go grocery shopping, ask "What do we find at the supermarket?" Engaging your child in the daily activities of life will help her cognitive development immensely.

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