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What is digital learning?

What is "digital learning?" You've likely heard these buzzwords before, but as a parent who is deeply invested in your child's education, we know you're going to want to know more about how digital learning is affecting the approach to academics. With Digital Learning Day coming up March 13, there's plenty to know about this instructional practice. Here are a few FAQs, answered:

What is digital learning?
Simply put, digital learning is an approach to education that emphasizes the use of technology in instruction. The idea is to adequately prepare children for 21st century careers, which will require digital literacy, and overall improve children's learning experiences.

How does digital learning look?
In practice, digital learning can mean a lot of different things. From giving children access to more digital resources to incorporating online courses into curricula, the digital learning approach to education is designed to give children the most personalized learning experience possible. It enables two children who may learn at different paces or have strengths in varying areas to continue to learn side by side while still having a lesson tailored to them individually.

What elements should effective digital learning include?
There are a few things you should look for to see if digital learning is being effectively implemented into your child's lessons:

  • Your child has the ability to customize their learning through online resources. This is also known as "personalized learning."
  • Your child is permitted to progress as soon as they have exhibited competency in a given subject area.
  • The digital and online content, as well as general instructional materials, are of high quality.
  • Actual learning and knowledge acquisition, rather than test scores, are the metric by which the quality of instruction is measured.
  • The infrastructure supports digital learning. This means there is access to high-speed Internet and Internet-enabled devices like computers, laptops or tablets.
  • Your child and your child's peers are given opportunities throughout their educational journey to use online materials to enhance their learning. 

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