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Tips for integrating digital learning at home

So, you have some digital natives on your hands. That is to say, your children have never known a world without the Internet or digital technology like computers, cellphones and video games.

What does this mean for you as parent? Aside from constantly having to convince your children to go outside and play or put away their phones at the dinner table, you'll also need to do your part to integrate digital learning at home. Working with your children's interest in digital technology, rather than fighting against it, can keep them engaged in what they're learning and help them develop the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century workforce. Here are three ways to accomplish just that:

1. Have your child start a blog
At their core, blogs are simply online journals. And, with the right privacy settings, they can be a great tool to help your children hone their English/language arts skills. You can either leave this as an open-ended activity for your children to express themselves creatively, or you can give them writing prompts each week. For example, you can share an important news story each week and ask them to write about their thoughts on the subject.

2. Explore game-based learning
Games are fun! We can all agree on that. That's why introducing game-based learning into your children's education will not only keep them engaged in their lessons, but provide you with the ability to give them a personalized learning experience and help them improve their critical thinking skills. Look for games that contain multiple challenges and interesting storylines, and be sure to provide constructive feedback as your children progress through the game.

3. Hone digital research skills
As your children get older, they will write plenty of research papers. While you might have turned to encyclopedias to do your research for projects like this, your children have the Internet at their disposal. Of course, the vast amount of resources available on the Web are of no help if your children don't know how to efficiently and effectively find credible sources. Show them how to use tools like Google Scholar and digital journals to their advantage.

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