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16 fun facts to share on President's Day
Celebrated on the third Monday in February each year, President's Day (aka Washington's Birthday) commemorates the U.S. presidents.
Activities for teaching your child about synonyms
To teach your homeschooler about synonyms, try incorporating any of these activities into your homeschool program.
4 ways to celebrate Black History Month
February is Black History Month, which means it's a great opportunity to include important aspects of African-American history in your curriculum for homeschooling.
Tips for teaching financial literacy
One of the great things about developing your own curriculum for homeschooling is the ability to include lessons about invaluable life skills, such as financial literacy.
Strategies for teaching your child the alphabet
One of your first big teaching moments as a homeschooling parent is helping your child learn the alphabet.
3 methods for studying math
Math can sometimes be a tricky subject for kids to master, which means studying on a frequent basis is essential.