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Keeping your son active during a winter homeschool program
When the temperatures start to drop, however, it can be harder to get your child outside and keep him active. The following winter activities are both physically and mentally stimulating.
Incorporating your child's interests into homeschool curriculum
Subjects such as math or social studies may not immediately grab your daughter's attention, but incorporating her interests into the curriculum can help engage her directly with the material.
New to homeschooling? Put together a starter kit
If you're just starting a homeschool program with your son, you've probably figured out that there are more than a few factors to consider.
Teaching writing with music
Having your daughter do her own writing is a great way for her to practice, but music may be a helpful tool in boosting her writing skills as well.
Helpful reading strategies for your child
Reading comprehension and critical thinking aren't skills that your daughter is born with, they're learned.
3 alternatives to spelling tests
If you're ready to try out other ways of testing your child's spelling abilities, here are some alternatives.