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Exploring New Year's celebrations across the globe
Help your son explore New Year's traditions throughout the world in your homeschool program.
Flashcard games you can play with your son
Flashcards are a helpful tool when it comes to teaching your son anything from multiplication to vocabulary.
Learning the ins and outs of winter weather
Now that winter is in full swing, it's the perfect time to teach your son about the changing weather, such as ice, snow, freezing rain, etc.
Explore Kwanzaa with these lesson plan ideas
Kwanzaa, a holiday celebrating the African-American people and their culture, begins on Friday, Dec. 26 and ends on Thursday, Jan. 1, 2015.
Ways to celebrate the first day of winter
Although the weather may make it seem otherwise, Sunday, Dec. 21 marks the first day of winter, otherwise known as the winter solstice.
How to enhance map reading skills
Here are a few activities you can integrate into your homeschool program to improve your son's map-reading skills.