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Field Trip Ideas
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3 marine-inspired field trip ideas
The creatures swimming through our lakes and oceans are fascinating, and simply learning about them through homeschool books might not be enough.
Learning about animal care on a veterinarian office field trip
Start taking your daughter to locations that will teach her more about career options. For example, you could visit a veterinarian's office.
Tips for making the most of homeschool field trips
Get the most out of your field trip experience by following these tips.
How to create a field trip itinerary
No matter where you explore during your outing, you may want to create a field trip itinerary.
Healthy lunch tips for your next field trip
What field trips do you and your son have planned for the start of your homeschool program?
Spending time at a theater this summer
For a fun field tripĀ option that's related to your son's homeschool programs, look no further than the theater!