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Field Trip Ideas
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3 places to study trees
Consider making botany a more hands-on science by taking your son on a field trip to observe numerous varieties of trees.
Laboratory tours bring science to life
Show your daughter the thrilling side of this subject by visiting a laboratory for your next field trip.
Field trips to make history fun
The subject of history isn't always associated with fun or excitement, but learning about dates and past events doesn't have to be boring!
Make camping your No. 1 choice for summer field trips
Learning doesn't have to end when homeschool programs do - keep your kids mentally and physically active this summer by heading on a family field trip!
5 summer field trip ideas
Now that the weather is warming up, there are plenty of options available for outdoor field trips.
Get your student on the golf course
If you're looking for a different reason to get your son out of the classroom and learning in the fresh spring air, consider a trip to your local golf course!