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Field Trip Ideas
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How to plan an architecture field trip
The buildings in your town were all designed by architects who must have math, engineering and design skills to complete their ideas.
A trip to a historic birthplace can tie into homeschool lessons
Getting your son out of the house during his homeschool programs is a great way to teach him new topics.
3 ways to make the most of a trip to a military base
You have countless options when it comes to choosing a field trip destination for your homeschool program.
3 reasons to take a field trip to a greenhouse
With the spring season in full swing, there's no better time to introduce your son to the plants and flowers that sprout out of the ground each year. 
3 ways to get your child involved in Earth Day activities
Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 in your homeschool program by taking your daughter on a field trip!
Volunteer at a local soup kitchen with your kids
You can use volunteer opportunities during your homeschool program to cultivate a lifelong respect for others in your son.