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4 tips for jump starting your morning
Not all mornings are going to be a piece of cake when it comes to getting your daughter out of bed, fed and ready to jump into her homeschool program for the day.
Is your child a gifted learner?
Each child learns at a different pace. 
What to keep in mind when assigning homeschool grades
Assigning grades to your child is one of the more challenging aspects of conducting a homeschool program.
3 tips for helping your son explore potential career choices
While your homeschooler certainly doesn't have to decide on a career by the time he leaves for college, exploring potential employment options in his homeschool program can help him figure out what he does and doesn't enjoy.
Keeping your child focused during the holiday season
With holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years fast approaching, it's normal for your son to be a bit restless or excited during his homeschool program.