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3 tips to help homeschool supplies last
From folders and binders to notebooks and markers, there are a lot of supplies your daughter uses in her homeschool program.
3 tips for creating your homeschool classroom library
It's important to have a library in your homeschool classroom in order to build literacy and strengthen reading skills.
Tips for teaching your son about the first Thanksgiving
In order for your son to understand Thanksgiving as a holiday, he must discover its origin.
3 tips for celebrating Geography Awareness Week
Geography Awareness Week is celebrated every third week in November in order to make people aware of their impact as global citizens.
Clever organizational tricks for your homeschool classroom
In order to properly keep track of your son's progress, assignments, projects, etc., and stay on schedule in your homeschool program, organization is crucial.
5 tips for helping your restless child sit still
It's going to be tough for your son to really absorb anything from his homeschool program if he has difficulty sitting still.