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De-stressing during the college application process
Filling out applications and writing essays is crucial for him to get into the school of his dreams, so it's important that he's focused and de-stressed.
Preparing your daughter for a safe college experience
Before your daughter completes her homeschool program and heads off to her college of choice, it's crucial to have a talk with her about smart behavior at school.
How to save money on college essentials
Your daughter moving away and heading off to college, which means that she'll need to stock up on things like textbooks and dorm supplies.
Dorm shopping pointers
Going shopping with your daughter for her dorm essentials is a fun part of helping her get ready for college.
Life skills your daughter should develop by college
Mastering these everyday tasks can help your daughter feel more comfortable and confident in her new surroundings.
Staying positive during college
Having a positive attitude going into college can help your daughter have the best experience possible.