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4 tips for familiarizing your daughter with online testing
Introduce your daughter to these helpful online test taking tips.
Must-have supplies for your soon-to-be-college student's dorm
Your daughter has been prepped with all the proper academic knowledge thanks to her homeschool program, but does she have all of the dorm essentials that will help her succeed when she goes off to college?
To declare or not declare a major
When your daughter finishes up her homeschool program and starts preparing for college, she'll have to decide whether or not she wants to declare a major or be undecided.
Reducing college anxiety
While some students are excited about leaving home to experience college and all that comes with it, it's completely normal for teens to be anxious and scared of the experience as well.
Tips for communicating with your college student
When your daughter finishes her homeschool program and heads off to college, you're no doubt going to want to keep in touch with her.
The types of people your child will meet in college
If your son plans to attend college after his homeschool programs, he's certain to meet a lot of new people.