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Preparing for the expenses of college
Paying for four years of college can seem daunting, but when you take advantage of the right tools, that tuition check won't seem as insurmountable.
Teaching your college-bound student to study smart
There's a big difference between studying a lot and studying smart.
Keeping your daughter organized during the college application process
Staying organized is key during the college application process.
Adjusting to the independence of college
There are a number of changes that your son will face in college, such as a bigger workload, a new environment and a whole lot more independence.
Balancing a full workload in college
While a homeschool program certainly teaches your daughter about managing her time and getting her assignments done, she must face a whole new workload in college.
Going to college: What to take and what to leave at home
Packing for college can be an overwhelming task for your daughter, as there is certainly an extensive list of items she'll want to have with her at school.