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College services your son can take advantage of
There are certain college amenities that are going to make school more enjoyable and easier to adjust to.
Top mistakes students make when applying to college
There's a lot that goes into applying to college - your daughter has to research various schools, construct essays, fill out applications, etc.
Exploring college options online
Although you and your son might like to visit every college out there, doing so is just not realistic.
Constructing a flawless college essay
Applying to college takes work - your daughter must fill out the application and craft an essay that best reflects her writing skills and her as an individual.
College moving-day tips
Thanks to your curriculum for homeschooling, you have prepared your daughter for any academic challenge that college may bring.
Helping your child deal with a day full of college classes
With a homeschool program, you and your son have complete control over the day's events.