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Prepare for college sniffles with this survival kit
If your daughter got sick during your homeschool program, you were by her side to take care of her and give her exactly what she needed to feel better.
Preparing for college early
College preparation doesn't have to start when your homeschooler reaches high school age.
Dealing with the stress of college applications
When it comes time for your homeschooler to start applying to colleges and universities, it can be exciting to imagine all of the possible opportunities.
Common college challenges and how your homeschooler can overcome them
Going from a homeschool program to college is a big step, therefore, there are going to be some road bumps to overcome.
Adding personality to your daughter's dorm room
Once you've finished your curriculum for homeschooling, your daughter is academically prepared to head off to college.
Encouraging an active college lifestyle
Much of college requires sitting - your son will stay put during classes, study sessions and tests. Therefore, it's important that he counter all of that inactivity with exercise in order to stay healthy.