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Prepping your homeschooler for financial responsibility in college
Leaving home to live away at college comes with a lot of responsibilities. For example, your daughter won't be able to rely on you to monitor her finances.
3 tips for creating a college schedule that works
You've planned out your daughter's homeschool program, but when she goes off to college, it will be time for her to do some scheduling of her own.
Dorm necessities checklist
if your son is heading off to a university this fall, you may want to start gathering all the things he'll need.
Getting through college general elective courses
When your homeschool program ends, your daughter will be heading off to the college or university of her choice.
Help your teen make friends at college
After your son has finished his homeschool program, he may be leaving to continue his academic journey at a university of his choice.
How to choose between colleges
You and your daughter have narrowed down the college search to two schools. Now for the tough part: choosing between the universities.