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College prep: Packing 101
Thanks to your homeschool program, your son is just about ready to head off to college and continue his academic journey.
4 things to do this summer before your homeschooler goes to college
Whether your son is headed to college this fall or in the near future, you're running out of time to spend with him.
4 qualities colleges look for in potential students
When it's time for your son to wrap up his homeschool program and begin applying to colleges, he'll have to tailor his application to what the school is looking for.
3 key tips for passing a college class
Here are a few tips to share with your son about how to pass a college course.
Most important college application and preparation dates to remember
Getting your teen ready for college is a long process, but applications can spring up on you out of nowhere.
Tips for acing a college admissions interview
Some students have to go through an interview to get into college.